Color, 96′
Feature Film


A criminal without a name. Without a past, without a background, apparently without any reaction. An appellation, X, that represents the pure and simple incognito of his life as it will be until the end. A girl with a clear gaze, apparently unaware of what is happening all around her; a past which is nearly as mysterious and definitely as painful as his. A journey from Budapest to Italy that starts as a “delivery” of human merchandise represented by the young Nora but which will  become an inner journey for both the protagonists, and that will mark, for the man, the unexpected surfacing of an ethic, a human feeling and doubts regarding choices. In other words, the unforeseen reappearance of an identity that has to be (re)-defined thanks to that slim foreign body he has come close to; and which he cannot cancel, let alone eliminate with a bullet, as he has been asked to.


  • 2014, Journées du Cinéma Italien – Nizza;
  • 2013, Hungarian Film Festival Los Angeles;
  • 2012, Annecy Film Festival | Special Audience Award;
  • 2012, BIF&ST – Bari International Film Festival.


Production Nursery, THE FAMILY, Laokoon Film Group, Maremosso
Distribution Maremosso


Director Frederico Brugia
Screenplay Frederico Brugia and Giovanni Robbiano
Cinematography Máté Tóth Widamon, Gergely Phárnok
Production Design Marton Agh
Editing Vilma Conte
Original Score Rossano Baldini, Stefano Brandoni, Corrado Carosio, Pierangelo Fornaro


Sebastiano Filocamo X
Orsi Tóth Nora
Benn Northover Thomas
Catrinel Marlon Aylena
Zsolt Mészáros Laci
János Papp Kiss
Malika Ayane Woman with the gun
Krisztina Czifra Social Worker
George Mendel Police Chief
Rocco Siffredi Thomas’ Friend


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