Color, 80′


Eccentric, solitary, a “bear of the mountains” who was able to deeply feel the magnetic power of the Alps but the pulsating energy encased in the big cities of the nineteenth century as well: Giovanni Segantini (1858-1899) was one of the greatest Italian pointillists, an extraordinary painter with a wild and rough character yet poetic, graceful and meticulous. Born in Arco di Trento, of humble origins and with a difficult life, Segantini was to be one of the most authentic painters of the Italian nineteenth century, even though he died at only 41.

Through the streets, the villages, the valleys and the Alpine landscape that influenced the work and the soul of the artist, the docu-film directed by Francesco Fei offers the portrait of a complex man, retracing the phases of his life, showing his works, colours and artistic choices while questioning the thoughts and the memories of those who knew and studied the painter from Trentino. The performance of Filippo Timi who gives a voice and face to Segantini in some historical reconstructions especially created for this film, will reveal the intensity of the letters by the artist and his feelings.


  • 2016, Biografilm Festival | Audience Award for Best Film Biografilm Arte;
  • 2016, Cervino Cinemountain International Film Festival.


Production Apnea Film, Diaviva, Maremosso
Distribution Nexo Digital


Director Francesco Fei
Screenplay Roberta Bonazza, Francesco Fei, Federica Masin
Music Alberto N. A. Turra
Cinematography Francesco Fei, Patrizio Saccò
Editing Claudio Bonafede
Production Design Matteo Maiocchi
Costume Design Federica Sanseverino


Filippo Timi Giovanni Segantini
Alice Raffaelli Bice Bugatti


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