Color, 75′


The Cinema Mexico is one of the last single-screen cinemas left in Milan. Its story is inextricably tied to the figure of Antonio Sancassani who has run it independently for the past thirty years, looking after every single aspect. At the cinema Mexico he presents independent films, first works, films in their original language, documentaries, forgotten films or films that have been “burned” by large-scale distribution, offering them a second chance. The thirty-six years of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and the two extraordinary years of The Wind Blows Round are only some of the successes that have made the cinema a landmark for cinephiles from all over Italy.

A passionate portrait that reflects on the fate of small cinemas and on the difficulties for independent cinema which is suffocated by the laws of the market, by online streaming and by television. An example of optimism and perseverance for those who, like Sancassani, continue believing in the audience and in the magic that happens while collectively watching the big screen.


Production Officine Ubu, Maremosso
Distributon Officine Ubu


Director Michele Rho
Screenplay Marco Rossi
Editing Walter Marocchi
Music Dario Moroldo


With Antonio Sancassani, Maurizio Porro, Paolo Mereghetti, Luca Bighazzi, Moni Ovadia, Claudio Bisio, Isabella Ragonese, Giuliano Pisapia.


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