The Family & Maremosso

21 Marzo, 2019

Maremosso and The Family are joining forces for film production in Milan

The Family has recently acquired the majority of Maremosso, independent film production company, founded by director Luca Lucini.

Maremosso Srl was founded in Milan in 2010 by Luca Lucini (Tre metri sopra al cielo, L’uomo perfetto, Amore bugie e calcetto, Solo un padre, La donna della mia vita, Nemiche per la pelle, Come diventare grandi nonostante i genitori, The Comedians), with the aim of developing and producing high quality films that would be attractive on international market while simultaneously developing Italian talents.

“Teatro alla Scala – Il tempio delle meraviglie” and “Leonardo da Vinci – Il genio a Milano”, both distributed worldwide by Nexo Digital, are some of the documentaries produced by the company.

In early 2019 Maremosso joined The Family, leading production company in the advertising industry for over twenty years and currently engaged with Taodue in the production of the TV series Made in Italy to be screened by Mediaset next autumn.

The objective of the union is to combine the experience of the parties and create a new structure that is both deeply rooted in the Milanese territory and dedicated to developing and producing feature films, documentaries and TV series with an international interest and scope.

At the moment the company is working on the development of Milano-Roma, the next fiction feature film by Lucini: the story of one day on the busiest route in Europe.

The other projects under development include an animated documentary, an educational film for children and two TV series.

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