Goltzius & the pelican company

July 24, 2014

Greenaway at the theatre with Maremosso and Lo Scrittoio

In the era of multimedia and the revolution in consumer habits, Maremosso together with Lo Scrittoio has accepted the challenge of taking the last work by Peter Greenaway, GOLTZIUS & THE PELICAN COMPANY, to audiences in a new and original way.

Recent Italian distribution dynamics have failed to find the right venues and models of exhibition for such an unusual work and out-of-the-box author like Greenaway, and the idea came from this observation.

If theatre can be enjoyed at the cinema, such as great plays or melodrama or classical music offered live from the biggest international theatres, why shouldn’t Greenaway go on to theatrical stages? A “cinematographic” author who doesn’t care about genre boundaries, who has an Italian and international niche audience that is at the same time wide, intellectual and popular finds himself an ideal dimension in the theatrical space.  

From September 30th it will be in the most prestigious Italian theatres on the bill and subsequently available for cinemas d’essai.

The Goltzius Project

30/09 – 04/10 MILANTeatro CRT 

07/10 – 12/10 NAPLESTeatro BELLINI

12/11 – 16/11 ROMETeatro ARGENTINA

The film is available for all national theatres which want to include the project in their programme, whether in pre-opening of the 2014 – 2015 season or during the season itself. On request, the quintet of the Architorti conducted by Marco Robino, author of the soundtrack will animate the screenings with a suggestive musical prelude.

The distribution project is a true cultural, innovative and experimental operation. The film will be proposed in its original version with Italian subtitles: this choice gives the right value to the authenticity of the work and its author and privileges Greenaway’s construction of images and imagination.

From Cineuropa.org:

Luca Lucini, director and manager of Maremosso: “As a distribution company, we are glad to bring the work of Peter Greenaway to Italian audiences; he is an internationally known cinematographic author who has a niche audience that is at the same time wide, intellectual and popular. We hope that connoisseurs will support this small but important project.

The new experience of enjoying a cinematographic product – that will be followed by screenings and events in cinemas d’essai and Art Houses – will be accompanied by Italian actors from the cast, including Pippo Delbono, Flavio Parenti and Giulio Berruti.

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