Color, 112′
Feature Film


Dutchman Hendrik Goltzius, one of the first engravers of erotic prints of the late sixteenth century, is looking for an investor to finalize his project: a book with illustrations of some of the most controversial stories in the Old Testament. The Margrave of Alsace is willing to donate the requested sum on condition that Goltzius and his company, The Pelican Company, can convince him by staging the biblical episodes related to the deadly sins. The particularly realistic representation of the stories linked to the taboos of incest, adultery, pedophilia, prostitution and necrophilia will trigger off unexpected dynamics at the Alsatian court and in the company itself. Goltzius & the Pelican Company is literally a monumental opus, in its intention and its production, which expertly mixes storytelling, new technologies, cinema and theatre.

In the multimedia era and the revolution in the way of consumption, Lo Scrittoio and Maremosso bring the latest film by Peter Greenaway, Goltzius & the Pelican Company, to Italian cinemas.


  • 2014, FICE Award | Winner in the category Best European Director (Peter Greenaway);
  • 2013, SITGES – Catalonian International Film Festival | Nomination for the award New Visions in the category Best Motion Picture.


Production Kasander Film in coproduction with Film & Music Entertainment, CDP, MP Film Production 2012
Distribution in Italiy Maremosso, Lo Scrittoio


Director Peter Greenaway
Screenplay Peter Greenaway
Cinematography Reinier van Brummelen
Editing Elmer Leupen


Ramsey Nasr Hendrick Goltzius
F. Murray Abraham The Margrave
Flavio Parenti Eduard
Halina Reijn Portia
Vincent Riotta Ricardo del Monte
Giulio Berruti Thomas Boethius
Francesco De Vito Rabbi Moab
Lars Eidinger Quadfrey
Maaike Neuville Isadora
Anne Louise Hassing Susannah
Kate Moran Adaela
Pippo Delbono Samuel van Gouda
Lisette Malidor Ebola
Hendrik Aerts Strachey
Stefano Scherini Johannes Cleaver


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