Gennaio 20, 2015

ENRICO LUCHERINI – I GOT UP TO ALL SORTS OF TRICKS presented at the International Film Festival in Rome and Sky Arte

ENRICO LUCHERINI – I GOT UP TO ALL SORTS OF TRICKS, a documentary written and directed by Marco Spagnoli, has been presented at the International Film Festival in Rome 2014 as a collateral event and in exclusive at prime time on Sky Arte HD.

The director, Marco Spagnoli:

To make ENRICO LUCHERINI – I GOT UP TO ALL SORTS OF TRICKS has been a great privilege and a lot of fun. To have access to Enrico Lucherini and his world meant, really, getting to know one of the great protagonists of the history of Italian cinema: a reluctant intellectual, a communication strategist, a funny and amused observer and – most of all – an out-of-the-box personality that, for more than half a century, has told lies for promotional purposes, built memorable careers, helped the protagonists of this cinematographic world with generosity and passion, of which he is a part and the expression, launched films of which he fully understands, like all the best filmmakers, their strengths and weaknesses.

Personally, I have never been interested in the so-called ‘Lucherinata’ itself, that is the fake news, excessive and over the top, to capture the attention of the media in order to promote an actor or a movie.

I was attracted by the spirit of Lucherini and his ability to always control the stage he is on. A great communicator with the experience of an actor, the instinct of a filmmaker, the rationalism of the doctor he never became and the passion of a spectator, able to imagine new ideas to do his job in an unique way, making up stories for himself and the others.

This isn’t a documentary on the greatest Italian press agent. Or at least, not exclusively. It’s a journey behind the scenes of the world of Italian entertainment, accompanied by the best possible guide.

It’s like entering the cave of Prospero, the educated and noble wizard in The Tempest by Shakespeare, the day he decides to destroy his magic wand and leaves the stage and thereby reveals all his spells to the spectator.

It is also the journey in the backstage of the theatre of Mangiafuoco, the great puppet master who tightly holds the strings of the lives and stories of his puppets.

Ne ho fatte di tutti i colori is, though, most of all a film about a great talent: even an entire lifetime wouldn’t be enough to relate his legitimate exploits, not to mention the unmentionable ones.

It is also a film about a figure whose greatest discovery was, as Giuseppe Tornatore has written, to invent “himself”.”

ENRICO LUCHERINI – I GOT UP TO ALL SORTS OF TRICKS was produced by Maremosso, Polifemo and Kobalt Entertainment, in cooperation with Campari and Sky Arte.

Important names have contributed to its making, such as Giulio Andreotti, Manuela Arcuri, Richard Borg, Monica Bellucci, Cristiana Capotondi, Piero Chiambretti, Maurizio Costanzo, Piera Detassis, Irene Ghergo, Adua Del Vesco, Gabriel Garko, Guido Lombardo, Claudio Masenza, Wanda Osiris, Rocco Papaleo, Leonardo Pieraccioni, Nilla Pizzi, Ettore Scola, Jean Sorel, Giuseppe Tornatore, Totò, Franca Valeri, Carlo and Enrico Vanzina, Carlo Verdone and Paolo Virzì.

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