November 5, 2013

ALL THE SOUNDS OF THE SEA from October 30TH on DVD and Blu-ray

The much-praised debut film ALL THE SOUNDS OF THE SEA by Federico Brugia, the famous commercial director who made his debut at the cinema with this feature film, is finally available in a special Limited Edition, consisting of the book with the same title and the DVD/BD of the film.

ALL THE SOUNDS OF THE SEA brings up important topics difficult to deal with but which the director skillfully presents to the audience with great sensitivity, sensibility and expressive and narrative ability.

Topics like human identity, the exploitation of prostitution, the awareness of one’s own life – a life that isn’t exemplary and righteous enter the plot of a noir with thriller elements that add suspense to the emotional depth.

From the very release date of the film, ALL THE SOUNDS OF THE SEA enjoyed great success with both audience and critics, winning numerous awards and acknowledgements such as the Special Jury Award (Annecy Cinema Italien – 2012) and the Special Award Michelangelo Antonioni (BAFF – 2013).

The film stands out for its originality and a particularly strong personality, thanks to the director’s talent who was careful to construct a balance of all the elements in the film that narrate strong characters.

The DVD and the BD of the film include special content of considerable cultural, cinematographic and musical value such as the unedited video clip ofGrovigli”, a song by Malika Ayane that is part of the original soundtrack of the film, Perfetta”, the short by Federico Brugia with the leading character Malika Ayane, “La città, le gru e Mimmo”, an unreleased short film with Mimmo Craig, an audio-commentary curated by Marco Spagnoli, Federico Brugia and Sebastiano Filocamo (leading male character of the film ALL THE SOUNDS OF THE SEA) and a Making-Of by Alessandro Vallotto.

The DVD can be bought on,k:Tutti+i+rumori+del+mare

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